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Josh has a very loose, almost freeform style. He really doesn't like to follow rules. He tends to shoot from the hip and gives minimal direction. He aims to capture a natural, unscripted and honest moment in his images. His ultimate goal is to preserve a look, an action, a memory through dramatic photographs.

As a member of the übermodern movement (started in eastern Spain the in the mid-1990's,) his imagery tends to employ the concept of "in medias facies," as well as the stylisitic forms of the Japanese art of Ikebana (flower arangements) with its emphasis of organic shapes, lines & forms (which are often based on a scalene triangle). Quite often, Josh quotes his mentor, José Andrés de Anchoveta, saying in a heavy Spanish accent; "Pues sí. No seas bestia! Yo necesito hacer un depósito grande en el banco de pu!"

Shunning cheesy backgrounds and scenes in his studio work, Josh chooses to work with a minimalist black, gray or white background. He prefers to work in a monochromatic palette, unless color ads something to the feel of the image. He believes color distracts from an image's effect unless it is a dominant part of the whole. If an image has color, it should be bold, saturated and dramatic.

Josh's location portrait work is categorized by natural settings, with simple, crisp and unobtrusive lighting. He aims to capture the subject in his/her real environment without overwhelming stylistic post-processing techinques common in the industy. He aims to create work similar to style of Avedon or Newman, with an apparent, intimate knowledge of the subject, while emphasising a strong graphic element.

Josh also believes strongly in the concept of Terroir, a complex French loan word from the wine industry.  The word is the base to the Appellation d'origine controlée used to denote the exact origin of a particular wine. It refers to the region, the type of grape, the winery, the type of soil, the micro-climate, and even to the people producing it. The finished product is based on all these things... and no other wine will be the same. To Josh, photographs are just like wine.

Simply put, Josh likes to think "outside the box" and then be slightly on the left side of it. His images tend to be strikingly modern in composition, genuine in emotion and always very fun.

He is modern, quirky + innovative.