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Josh Blumental was born in Mexico City in 1970, as a little, pink, Jewish kid, son-of-a-chicken-farmer, in a sea of brown, Catholic people. To say the least, he developed a slightly unusual perspective to the world he lived in. Josh's early experiences primed him for the role of outsider and observer.

After moving to the U.S. at the age of twelve, he discovered a natural talent for blending the technical and artistic aspects of photography with his "unique" personal perspectives. While a Junior in High School, he taught photography and mounted his first solo exhibit at the age of 18 after traveling through the Southwest. He is quite impressed with his own early achievements. He thinks he's really cool and has decided he likes speaking in the third person.

Josh studied photography in college, but chose to enter the business world as a product designer in the outdoor recreation industry. He was the head of the marketing department of a small manufacturing firm and acted as product photographer and graphic designer. If asked, he will claim his education was strictly limited to Legos, Montessori and PBS. 

As a parent with small children, Josh finds great joy in prying out the humor found in childhood activities. His wife thinks he is emotionally stunted in adolescence, but the truth is he just loves capturing those little slices of time that hint at a child's true character, wether it is a loose tooth, a booger or even certain defiant look. Josh feels they are all fair game while creating images that stand the test of time.

Josh has amazing ability to capture something magical in his pet portraits. He feels great artistic freedom representing his furry clients as they really are, emphasizing their own unique qualities, rather than conforming them to a predetermined norm. His pet images are as likely to be purchased by the pet's owner or a complete stranger that appreciates them simply as art.

Josh actually loves photographing weddings. They are a rare event that allow him to capture the emotional essence of his adult subjects. He enjoys being witness to genuine emotions and actions, and documenting them as as a photojournalist and then being able to create art that freezes an important moment in time. 

Also known for his environmental portraiture, architectural and fine art photographs, Josh has an eye for interesting angles, color and composition, while maintaining a high level of intimacy with the character of the subject.   His work has been published internationally and has won many awards for his striking style, as well as the high level of quality in his finished work.   His work would suggest he is a anal-retentive perfectionist, but his many pairs of $12, Kirkland-brand jeans from Costco with worn-out heel area hint otherwise.

Josh's unusual social background, twisted sense of humor, down-to-earth demeanor, and many eclectic life experiences make him uniquely capable of capturing his subjects in an refreshingly honest, yet aesthetically pleasing way.   He is a jack of all trades capable of doing just about anything, and doing it well.